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Julia Carol Wagener is a multi-platform makeup artist, thoroughly trained in all genres of the craft; effortlessly moving between film, theatre, beauty and special effects. She attributes her studio art and theatre background, as well as her training in esthetics, to her unique perspective as a makeup artist. Her knowledge of color theory, texture, light and shadow bring the face into focus. The results are purposeful and clean. Her most successful work is that which is invisible or is simply taken for granted. From flawless skin to surreal fantasy makeup the goal is the same, acceptance of  the reality  put before the

viewer. Her work can be seen in fashion magazines, print ads, film and musical theatre. Her uncompromising eye for detail and appreciation for the director's vision, storyline, wardrobe, set design, lighting and character analysis animate the characters she creates. 

"Her talent and sensitivity to beauty makeup is incredibly inspired and ethereally superb.  But it is Ms. Wagener’s initiative and conceptual work that elevate beauty as well as theatrical makeup beyond the 'makeup' medium.  This is what impresses me the most about her work. She takes the medium of makeup and pushes its boundaries."  ~Matin Maulawizada 


When not on set, she can be found hiking on mountainous trails and snapping photos along the way.  ​​

Julia Carol Wagener Makeup Artist
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